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The Man I Loved: Chapter 8 :iconremnantdoomblossom:RemnantDoomBlossom 1 2
A Spark
I met you in the dark
yet you had the brightest smile
within my heart, I felt a spark
you even stayed with me awhile.
Hours between us began to blur
I can tell that you are indefinitely free
you surely have a great heart, sir
honestly, I was completely filled with glee.
You stole my hand away
and with a smile you leapt
you said we would be free each day
truly, off my feet I was swept.
In your eyes resides endless adventure
and though my heart was still weak
anywhere you went, I would gladly venture
and then you would just kiss my cheek.
I want to be lost within you
lost within the vast world you dwell
I want to see through your view
and finally break free of this shell.
Show me a new way to live
into the unknown with you, I'll thrive.
:iconremnantdoomblossom:RemnantDoomBlossom 2 5
The Gift
I wanted to give you the world
but you wouldn't accept it
then the colors around me swirled
it was a good time to quit.
But my heart wouldn't let me
there is something you and I want
we both wish to be forever free
it will be surely something to flaunt.
But you didn't want the world
your wants were clouded by indifference
then the wings upon my back furled
my love wouldn't have made a difference.
Even so, I still love you
maybe one day you will accept my gift
maybe you will come to love me too
when the sorrow in your heart begins to shift.
:iconremnantdoomblossom:RemnantDoomBlossom 10 9
Mature content
Shelf of Memories :iconremnantdoomblossom:RemnantDoomBlossom 6 6
Let Me Be
Let me tell you a goal.
Let me be your shining sun
an ever glowing light
strings of the heart come undone
watch the fires of my heart ignite.
Let me be your gleaming moon
an ever calming guide
everything will be yours soon
our souls have now been tied.
Let me be your eternal amenity
an embrace of growing passion
all wrapped within inviting serenity
feelings given with no set ration.
Let me become whole.
:iconremnantdoomblossom:RemnantDoomBlossom 9 3
A Haunted Heart
Oh tender whispered words
so frequent you come
as fleeting as fluttering birds
what part of your heart are they from?
Could they be a form of true love
as fresh as a spring breeze
as graceful and beautiful as doves
sitting within the sunny trees?
Are they from a place more meager
where your heart cannot decide
where it was never very eager
next to where your courage died?
Either way, I feel deeply for you
your heart knows not what it wants
if only it knew sincerity like mine too
a lovely and desolate place indecision haunts.
:iconremnantdoomblossom:RemnantDoomBlossom 14 10
Little Darlin'
Little darlin' with the precious heart,
rest here a little while longer with me
let me run my fingers in your long hair
I'm so glad that together we are free
you gave me a connection to share.
I had once thought you would leave
forever gone and I would be unforgiven
you said that I simply didn't believe
but you had never stopped being driven.
Feeling your skin now as it is bare
I can see the scars I have left on you
yet they're worn with pride and without scare
you loved me more than I ever knew.
Lay here with me, let me soak you in
into your warm, sweet scent I burrow
run your fingertips along my chin
wipe away my brow's furrow.
Yes, just as you've always done for me
through agonizing heartbreak and pain
even after you left me at that tree
after that, we both stood in sorrow rain.
I had been so foolish, so selfish before
I feared you would never take me again
but I ran hopeful and scared to your door
and it was a lack of love you couldn't feign.
A smile and kiss bound us together
:iconremnantdoomblossom:RemnantDoomBlossom 19 10
The Sorrow Collector
At the core of my being
there is hurt and sorrow
I always feel like fleeing
I wonder about tomorrow.
Though worry for me is eternal
it is never about me, anyone but
my pain shall forever be internal
no matter, I will stand even when cut.
I am not the most fulfilled
No, I am a loyal protector
the happiness of others I build
for I am the sorrow collector.
For all I am is love at the core of my being.
:iconremnantdoomblossom:RemnantDoomBlossom 9 9
Rising Above
Using a candle, I held it up to truly see
light took the shadows from your hands
and then I realize now that I am free
I can finally say goodbye to these sad lands.
I had become helplessly and hopelessly buried
I had struggled, choked, and cried
but it was myself that I continuously carried
I believe each moment a piece of me died.
Yet, I could feel a light drawing nearer
I dug myself from the deepest pits of the dirt
now I can stand looking in the mirror
I have risen above this bleeding hurt.
You have done your harmful deeds
but you have failed to bury me completely
reflection is what your heart needs
regardless, I'll say goodbye to you sweetly.
So farewell. Enjoy your lonesome tree.
:iconremnantdoomblossom:RemnantDoomBlossom 10 6
Watching the Rain
I have this strange feeling
in my stomach, knots are twisting
my heart is doing its revealing
but somehow I'm not existing.
I am stuck within a lonely room
listening to the drops of heavy rain
clinging to my skin is a deep gloom
happiness is not something I can feign.
Like the rain, the solitude persists
I am being left behind again and again
all I can do is tightly clench my fists
will I be forever stuck in the rain?
The sun might not break through
I need the light to grace my skin
and it will be unlike anything I knew
perhaps I might even be able to grin.
Until then, I'll watch the rain from my view
and these vicious knots will get tighter
waiting eagerly for the sun to become anew
but thank goodness I'm a fighter.
:iconremnantdoomblossom:RemnantDoomBlossom 10 9
Come Daylight...
I know that you won't be there
You were never supposed to be
but I can still smell you in the air
it's a shame you tried to flee.
I know your body was hidden in the dark
you shouldn't have been such a liar
I enjoyed watching the first spark
it turned into such a beautiful fire.
:iconremnantdoomblossom:RemnantDoomBlossom 3 0
When Stars Fall
Does someone catch the fallen star?
When I fall from my own skies of despair,
will anyone be there to catch me?
or will I be left to fade into darkness?
Stars die every day and no one notices.
when my light finally gives out and dies,
from all of the loneliness and sorrows,
will anyone notice that it stopped shining?
The last person I share my light with,
will they mourn after I fall and fade away?
Or will they carry on, never knowing
the real reason why my light went out?
Would they feel its lingering warmth
as it fades from too much hopelessness,
too much loneliness and lack of returned love?
Or would they feel nothing at all?
Maybe if someone pointed to my light,
enjoyed its eager radiance and soft glow,
my light would have shined much brighter
and lasted much longer amongst the other stars.
Alas, my light is fading much too quickly.
I fear my time in the sky will be short
as the eternal darkness draws ever closer
without knowing if someone wanted to claim me.
Stars glimmering in
:iconremnantdoomblossom:RemnantDoomBlossom 11 23
The Angel's Sorrow
People say they want one
an angel to watch over them
to keep them from coming undone
but it is the angel they condemn.
She has such a large heart
willing to share all of her love
but she was doomed from the start
love wasn't something she could get rid of.
She gave and gave, endlessly eager
they consumed all she could give
yet they complained she was meager
she cried and only hoped they would forgive.
All she wanted was to have love in return
her heart still constantly gave and gave
trapped in silent sorrows, she was left to yearn
Forever she would be love's humble slave.
The angel went on for years without being loved
she toiled and still loved those who needed it
she cried each night, wishing for a beloved
the angel wanted so badly to quit.
Despite the pain, she had a strong hope
that one day one would give her love in return
with this desperate hope, she could cope
her heart would finally stop having to burn.
She hated having such a heart so large
it was an endless pain, a tortur
:iconremnantdoomblossom:RemnantDoomBlossom 31 29
What You Did
At first, it was sleepless nights
but you definitely made your mark
this is the echo my heart writes
I'm so afraid of being left in the dark.
What we had started was meant to be
your words ignited the passionate flame
there was so much you had yet to see
my eagerness something you couldn't tame.
Yes, I fully accept this shameful blame
my heart was much too large for you
I knew we would never be the same
I just wish you felt this fire too.
Indecision is your unfair attribute
you whispered false hopes in my ear
but you realized you didn't want to contribute
I was simply not enough to endear.
Even when you eventually drew away
my mind and heart could not be free
with you my poor, large heart chose to stay
I hoped that you could hear its plea.
From the nowhere you dwell, you came back
then you said, "I miss you," sounding so coy
I truly believed my heart would crack
but for the first time, I cried tears of joy.
But you have no idea what you did
gone once more, I begin to think its fate
:iconremnantdoomblossom:RemnantDoomBlossom 14 10
A Fading Scent
    I watched the sunset pass over your figure as you walked down the driveway. I saw the sunlight illuminate your light hair and then I saw the radiance in your eyes from faraway as you turned my way. You gave me a smile and then waved goodbye.
    Then you disappeared.
    At the door, you had held my face, lightly stroking the skin beneath my eyes. The tears spread over my lashes as I lifted my hands to yours, saying that I wish you could stay longer, that you didn't have to go.
    You just laughed at me softly and stroked some of my hair, "I'll be back again," you said after kissing my forehead.
    My ears were relieved, but my heart was in disbelief. All of the fears in the world swelled within me as I pulled you back again before you left the doorway. I begged again, desperately pleading, "Please, don't go."
    You kissed my lips gently and stole the tears from my cheeks with your index finger. Then you g
:iconremnantdoomblossom:RemnantDoomBlossom 8 22
A Wish
She was surely not what I had expected 
but her eager smile drew me ever closer  
She now has my all affection collected
I don’t want this feeling to ever be over.
There was a certain glow about her eyes
a wave of undeniable certainty washes me
I know that fate has given us invisible ties
Being with her, I have never felt more free.
With a heart full of acceptance and love
I want to show everyone what I have found
Giving my heart to her is what I am proud of
Our love is truly the essence of life unbound.
I once took her under a beautiful oak tree
where I got on one knee and made her mine
saying this was stronger than we could foresee
sealed with a kiss, our hearts now forever entwine.
My life was given a great and wonderful joy
I’ve saved all of your smiles in my heart
You stayed with me until I was an old boy
you’ve truly h
:iconremnantdoomblossom:RemnantDoomBlossom 11 7

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Yeah so it's been years since I've posted a journal, let alone anything really. I come on every now and then, but mostly just gander and then disappear again. Life has been quite busy, but I'm glad and grateful to say its been mostly good. I've been reviewing some of my stories and holy crap, why didn't anyone tell me they were such poop? Lol. The story I've reviewed the most is Shh...There's a Zombie in My Closet. Like omg, the inconsistencies and all the guys! I swear I put her with everyone! I would definitely like to rewrite it if some people were interested. I don't even know how many people read or exist on deviantart anymore. So like shout out to me if you're still here haha.

As to other stories, I'm not sure when I'll update. I know I have two unfinished stories and yes, I plan on finishing them, but I'm not sure when. I don't get a whole lot of time to work on personal projects, but I hope to. So if you're anxiously waiting for something of mine, bless your heart, and hang in there!

If you feel like chatting, send me a message. I'd like to get back in touch with everyone again.

So overall, I'm busy, but doing pretty darn good. Can't complain.
I hope you are all doing well!
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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Hello there!
I go by Rem or Jessie. Feel free to call me whichever.
Here are some things you should know about me:
-I'm a geek (I love anime, books, video games, etc.)
-Writing is my passion. It is my soul!
- I write mostly young adult stuff. But there's some smexy stuff in there. BEWARE!
- I have a huge habit of not finishing things, like eating, writing books, tasks, etc.
-I am a very honest person.
-I'm very friendly.
-I look a lot younger than I actually am. I'm going to be asked to have my ID out until I'm like 35. It's ridiculous sometimes. Don't let the baby face fool you.
-I value friendships very much.
-I have a variety of hobbies, such as taking pictures, drawing, and collecting tons of anime/manga style pictures and reading.
-I don't enjoy pity parties.
-I fangirl over so much stuff.
-I'm a romantic, but...I'm equally realistic.
-I love my doggie Saya.
-I'm short. :(
-I'm a very good listener.

^v^ If you wanna know more, you're gonna just have to get to know me. I make a good friend! So we should be friends. BE MY FRIEND DAMMIT! Just kidding. Or am I? O.o?

This my older bro: :iconinnov8tor00: So check him out! Do it!

My lil bro:iconalexthebro: Check him out too!



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This happens way to often and we don't talk much but I want you to read this one day and I want you to know that you're super important to me and you were my friend when no one else was, and we've shared so many stories and I hope your doing well and growing as a writer and just being the best you that you can be, 
I love you, I want you to do the best . 
-Tiffany <3
RemnantDoomBlossom Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016  Student Writer
Aww that is the sweetest thing ever! :iconaawplz: You've warmed me wee heart!I hope you are doing well too. I hope you're growing in writing and in life as well! We really have to catch up! I love you bunches!<3
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Thank you! Miss ya too! Yeah, I'll have plenty of free time soon! I shall get back to posting! And I have to read your juicy pieces as well!
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